Fly Away with Me and create this Gravity Defying Cake!


Fly away with me

My newest class has just been released and I am SO excited to share with you London’s FIRST gravity defying cake class! There is limited seating in this class with only SEVEN seats left! Registration has opened and tickets are selling fast! To save your seat press the register button!

Exciting news! I will now be offering prints of my artwork available for purchase! If you are interested in ordering the print below (11×17) please email to order at jonesinforcake@gmail.com Prints are $25+ S&H.

black and gold for print


I now have coffee mugs available for purchase with three designs to choose from! This years Christmas special is 1 JFC mug and includes 1 of my original designed sugar cookies! $15 + S&H email jonesinforcake@gmail.com to start your order! All mugs will be delivered/shipped December 15th. Orders must be placed and paid for no later than December 4th 2015.


New Kid on the Block!

I’ve recently joined a new social platform that seems to be incredibly promising for sharing work as an artist because this platform allows your customers AND followers to see all of your work all the time! If you choose to follow a page that you love than you will always see their posts! Incredibly, sin’t it?

This new platform is called Tsu (pronounced SOO). I would love if you came on over and took a look and joined me in the fun! You can join this platform by using my handle JONESINFORCAKE

What are you waiting for? Join here

Interested in joining a cake/cookie community that encourages sharing of recipes, professional adivce and business 101 then join me at Cake & Cookie Artistry

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